24 ft Dry Slide W/ Pool

A summertime outdoor event is not complete without one of our 24ft Waterslides with a refreshing pool at the bottom to splash into! This slide is guaranteed to have everyone at your event staying cool on that hot summer day. Even grandma and grandpa will be tempted to take it for a ride, and most likely (in our experience) THEY WILL! Safe for all ages, even adults (within reason) but designed mostly for children and teen riders. Two riders can go down together, but please keep it safe. Reserve yours early as they do book up within weeks of the season opening up in April/May.

Now Only $319 +tax for the day (24 Hour Rental)

Price: $319.00

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30 Ft. Dry Slide

This is one HUGE Slide! Used as a DRY SLIDE ONLY (no water at all) This inflatable is good for all ages, even the occasional adult. Great unit for block party's or any event with many guests and their children.

Now ONLY - $449 +tax (24 Hour Rental)

Price: $499.00

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